Box In The Park


  • 8-hour shift. 6 Working days per week
  • An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City (District 2), Ho Chi Minh City
  • Minimum 1 year of relevant experience

- About us -

Title: Head Chef
Reporting line: CEO
Job overview: An experienced Head Chef joins our team and lead our kitchen in preparing and delivering high-quality comfort food dishes. As Head Chef, you will be responsible for managing the kitchen staff, creating menus, ordering ingredients, maintaining inventory, and ensuring the quality and consistency of food.

JLDD Group of companies specialises in the supply chain, food & beverage, eCommerce, and digital marketing. We consist of Wine-Now, Liq9, Box In The Park, and Lamp.
Box In The Park – As an eatery located in the latest sports club in town, we would like to ensure that we serve delicious food while being a modern and trendy outdoor restaurant and casual drinking spot in town.

Job description & requirements


  • Ensuring proper food preparation practices in accordance with the company’s direction while adhering to the laws and regulations.
  • Working alongside the line manager to create a suitable menu that reflect the restaurant’s theme and philosophy, with an emphasis on comfort food, changing and updating it from time to time according to the demands of the restaurant.
  • Maintaining the quality control of dishes being served to customers in terms of food preparation and presentation at the highest standard with a focus on consistency and attention to detail. 
  • Planning orders of equipment, ingredients, and supplies, ensuring that inventory levels are maintained and that ingredients are fresh and of high quality. 
  • Managing food costs at the desired level and minimizing waste by ensuring that portion sizes are accurate and that ingredients are used efficiently. 
  • Ensuring that the kitchen is clean, organized, and complying with food safety regulations. 
  • Managing and overseeing the kitchen staff, including training and scheduling. 
  • Being fully in charge of managing and training kitchen staff, ensuring that the kitchen team adhere to the rules of the company and procedures set. 
  • Complying with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards
  • Fostering an environment of cooperation and respect between co-workers
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with local suppliers and venders. 
  • Keeping up-to-date with industry trends, techniques, and innovations. 
  • And other duties as determined by the line manager after due consultation.


  • Competitive salary depending on experience (22-30 mil or negotiable) 
  • Annual Bonus
  • Good opportunity of a career progression within the group
  • Working hours: 8-hour shift. 6 Working days per week
  • Working in An Phu, Thu Duc City (District 2)


  • Minimum 1 year of relevant experience
  • Degree in culinary arts or related field preferred
  • Able to work in An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City (District 2) area
  • Fluent in English
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Customer satisfaction-oriented
  • Honest, helpful, courteous approach to resolving complaints
  • Proven experience as Head Chef
  • Exceptional proven ability of kitchen management
  • Ability in dividing responsibilities and monitoring progress
  • Outstanding communication and leadership skills
  • Up-to-date with culinary trends and optimised kitchen processes
  • Good understanding of useful computer programs (MS Office, restaurant inventory management software)

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